10 Things To Do After Getting Engaged

Congratulations! You just said yes and all other thoughts have flown out the window – unless they’re wedding related! This is one of the happiest days of your life for both you and your partner. You’re likely already getting excited about wedding planning. However, we know you’ll also have a lot of questions about what to do next but don’t worry, we’re here to help. MJP Events are experts in wedding planning and can help you get started even if you are unsure where to begin.  Be sure to include your partner in the plans as well! 

Wait to share the news

As soon as the ring is on you’ll probably want to take pictures and share the happy occasion. However, it’s best to resist posting on all your social media and telling everyone. Instead, take a breather. As soon as it’s out there you’ll be bombarded with messages and phone calls. Spend the first day or few days together with your partner with no interrupting from the outside world. Although, if you do decide to share, make sure it’s with parents and siblings/best friends first. There’s nothing worse than the important people in your life finding out you’re engaged from the internet! A personal phone call makes a world of difference. 

Size and insure the ring

If your new spouse-to-be perfected the size first time, congrats again as not many do! If not, no worries, you should be able to get your ring resized for free at the original jewellers. However, if this is not an option then most high street jewellers will resize it (for a price) in a short amount of time so it can be back on your finger in a flash.

Next up is insurance. If your partner didn’t take out wedding insurance upon purchase but you already have a home contents policy then a simple call to add the ring will do the trick. If the previous two aren’t viable options, there are also many independent companies that will insure your ring for an affordable price.

Get a manicure

Your hands will be a focal point for at least the first few weeks. Instead of your chipped nail polish causing a distraction, it’s a good idea to get a manicure. Plus if you’re thinking of getting professional engagement photos then your nails will star along with the ring. Best to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment due to bad cuticles. 

Book a Photo Shoot

It’s not a requirement but many couples choose to organise a professional photo shoot as the photos are great to keep as memoirs. The moment after the ring hit your finger, you probably snapped a joy-filled selfie wherever you were. However, engagement photos are a little different as it’s a location-based shoot and these photos can be added to your wedding album or used online to officially share the news.

Many couples choose to have a themed shoot so it’s a good idea to have a location or style in mind. If you have a friend that’s a makeup artist or stylist then even better! Although, if you prefer to ditch the classic couple shots, take a look at more unique ‘just engaged’ photo ideas like paint or water fights!

Get thinking

Depending on how far in advance you’re planning your wedding, it’s a good idea to begin researching. Start by buying a wedding organiser to record all the data and ideas you find. Wedding magazines are fantastic as they include tips, trends, and inspiration so you can use your favourite images to create a tangible mood board. It’s also a good idea to think about whether you want a summer or winter wedding, the location, budget and who will be your bridesmaids and best man. 


Pinterest is an amazing visual platform for getting wedding inspiration and can be easily shared with others. It’s best to create multiple boards; a separate one for venues, photography, cakes, etc. To get your new fiance involved in the planning, give them the log-in details as well so you can incorporate their ideas as well. If you both have a busy schedule it’s easy to forget that it takes two so if you can’t manage a weekly wedding meeting then collecting ideas is a good compromise at the beginning of the planning process. 

Decide on a date

It’s great to have a set timeframe so you can send out invites and begin looking for a venue. Remember that most venues generally need to be booked at least one year in advance. Which means along with all the research time it’s best to get it out of the way, plus your whole wedding theme can often be based around the chosen venue. The same goes for wedding dresses; alterations often require 2-3 fittings, so it’s best to start looking at least 10 months in advance. These are good things to note so you stay on track. Without a date, you’ll be researching blindly. 

Set a wedding budget

After the initial awestruck phase seeing all the possibilities it’s best to set the wedding budget so you can plan things as realistically as possible. It’s easy to get carried away so investing in a professional wedding planner will help you narrow costs down and within budget.

If your parents are contributing then it’s a good idea to include them in your plans. So if your soon to be mother-in-law is chipping in with the venue, consider taking her along to venue viewings so she feels like she has a part in the decision making. 

Engagement party 

Do you need one? It’s a good question and if it fits within the budget then it’s a great idea. Getting engaged is one of life’s big events so it deserves some celebration. The problem is what type of engagement party should you have?. Having it in a club is not for everyone so it’s a good idea to plan an evening meal. This will give you insight on how to plan your big day and what guests to invite. Not only does the guestlist play a big part in your wedding but so does the food. An engagement party can provide awareness of any dietary requirements when searching for a caterer. If you hire a wedding planner then they’ll ask for this information as well. It’s also the perfect opportunity to test what kind of menu you’d like so if fish is amiss, then you can remove it from the potential wedding menu. 

Hire a wedding planner 

One of the best things to do is to hire a wedding planner from the beginning. They’ll save you both time and money and having someone there to take you through the process step by step will make it less stressful. Also, if you’re not the best designer then don’t worry, your wedding planner will help with design as well.

Getting engaged is one of the most joyous but stressful times in life so it’s best to avoid mistakes where you can. Take it from all the brides before you. Whether you need help with planning the whole day or just on the day coordination, MJP Events are here to help. Get in touch with one of our consultants by emailing  info@mjpevents.co.uk

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