4 timeless engagement ring trends inspired by the royals

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Trends come and go, but the royals are masters at inspiring styles that can last for years. Here, Emily Tebbutt, Jewellery Commercial Manager at Ramsdens Jewellery, tells us all about the hottest engagement ring trends inspired by the royal family.

The royals have been key fashion icons for the British public for years. However, we're not focussing on their clothes, shoes or handbags, but their jewellery. After the announcement of any royal engagement, the public eagerly awaits their first look at the ring which will go on to inspire jewellery trends for years.

If you're on the hunt for an engagement ring, why not take inspiration from the country's most famous (and fashionable) family? Below, I'll be going through the key ring styles inspired by the royals that we're still wearing today.

Coloured gemstones

If you're after something a bit different to a simple white diamond ring, a coloured gemstone is the perfect option. Arguably one of the most famous engagement rings of the royal family, or even the world, is Princess Diana's Ceylon sapphire ring. The dazzling stone is surrounded by 14 small solitaire diamonds and was famed for breaking tradition since it wasn't custom made for the princess herself. The ring now sits on the hand of Kate Middleton, and still inspires engagement ring trends today.

Pretty pavé bands

Hottest Engagement Ring Trends

Pavé rings have small diamonds embedded into their band, which gives the impression that they're paved with sparkling stones, hence their name. This style has been a recent favourite among the royal family, with Meghan Markle altering the plain yellow gold band of her engagement ring for a style with a bit more sparkle. So, if you're after a timeless look with a subtle hint to something more luxurious, this is the style for you.

Timeless trilogy rings

After the announcement of Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle, the world fell in love with the trilogy ring that the prince designed himself. With one large cushion cut diamond set between two smaller diamonds on either side, Meghan's ring was an instant classic.

But, it's not just beautiful. The three stones represent the past, present and future of the relationship, and it has inspired men all across the country to design their own ring for their partner. So, if you’re after a ring with a more sentimental style, then a trilogy might be the perfect option.

Vintage art deco

One thing that most royal engagement rings have in common is their vintage style. Whether it's a Victorian or art-deco look, the royal family are certainly fans. Even the Queen boasts her own vintage art-deco style ring, with a large circular diamond set between two smaller stones.

To get this style, look for baguette, emerald, princess and asscher cut stones, which have a stunning geometric shape reminiscent of earlier styles. It can help to shop around, as some of these pieces are often available in pre-owned jewellers and antique stores, for a fraction of their original price.

The ring is the most important part of an engagement but knowing just what to buy can be a challenge. So, why not take inspiration from the royals and choose one of these timeless styles?

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