5 Tips for Gifting the Perfect Jewellery to Your Bridal Party​

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Looking for a way to thank your bridal party for all of their help and support in the run up to your big day? Why not gift them with a stunning piece of jewellery that they can wear at your wedding and beyond? Here, June Neocleous from Gift and Wrap shares her top tips for gifting the perfect jewellery to your bridal party.

Your big day is almost here, and with setting the theme, finalising the seating plan, and getting those last alterations to your dress, you might have forgotten some of the smaller details. While you may have already settled on your own bridal jewellery, you may want to look at some options to give to your bridesmaids as a token of your appreciation.

While your bridal party will no doubt be made up of your nearest and dearest, who you can rely on every day, they will have put in extra effort to make your wedding day and the events leading up to it as perfect as possible. Of course, you can gift them whatever you want, but for an extra special and sentimental touch, why not find a piece of jewellery that they can wear on the big day and beyond? Here, I will be sharing my top tips for finding the perfect jewellery to gift to your bridal party.

Consider your Theme

You've no doubt settled on a theme for your wedding, and whether that's something inventive or simply a colour scheme, it'll be a good idea to ensure your bridesmaids jewellery gifts match this. Not only will this mean they can wear these pieces on your wedding day, but it'll also serve as a lovely reminder of your big day when they wear their jewellery in future.

While simply matching the precious metal and gemstone colours to your décor could be a good idea, you should also think about whether your wedding theme is modern or contemporary. You can then choose pieces in line with this. For example, rubies, emeralds and sapphires tend to be less modern while diamonds are versatile enough to be suitable for all themes. Meanwhile, pastel gems like topaz and amethyst are more contemporary.

Either way, your bridesmaids are sure to feel appreciated and important if their jewellery fits in with your wedding.

Match it to their Bridesmaid's Dresses

If it's important to you that your bridesmaids wear their gifted jewellery on your big day, you'll want these to match their dresses. And, as you've no doubt chosen their outfits to match the theme, you can guarantee everything will look beautifully tied together.

The simplest way to coordinate their jewellery with their outfits is to stick with the same colour theme. So, if their dresses have a primary tone that could match up with a gemstone, consider buying pieces with this in. For example, if you've opted for beautiful forest green bridesmaids' dresses for your winter wedding, incorporating a sparkling emerald or faux stone in this hue will look beautiful.

Similarly, taking the style of their dresses into account can help you decide on a jewellery gift. If their gowns have high necklines, there won't be much point in getting a necklace as this can look a little overwhelming. Necklace gifts should be saved for low or Bardot necklines. If they've got short sleeves, you can take the opportunity to buy them beautiful bangles and bracelets that'll add some luxury to their look.

Think about their Personal Style

While traditionally many brides may have wanted all of their bridesmaids to be uniform, there's been a shift towards slight variations between them. This is great news if you want your bridesmaids to be able to wear their gift beyond your wedding day, as you'll want to think about their individual personal styles.

There's no point in getting your friend who only wears rings a beautiful necklace, because chances are they're not going to wear it on any other occasion. Instead, you should look at what pieces they usually wear and find these in styles that'll match their dresses or your wedding theme.

Take Their Lifestyle into Account

The pieces you pick for your bridesmaids can then be worn on a daily basis if you choose them carefully. Thinking about what each person does for a job and a hobby can help you to make an informed decision about what type of jewellery to buy.

For example, you wouldn't want to buy large statement jewellery for those who work in corporate offices or play a lot of sports. Instead, opting for a small pair of subtle studs may be better. Similarly, if they work with their hands a lot, rings won't make suitable gifts and instead you could focus on a lovely necklace to show your appreciation with.

Choose Something Personalised

If you're looking to give your bridesmaids an extra-special gift, you can't go wrong with a personalised piece. Whether you choose to purchase an initial pendant to go on their favourite necklace, or buy them a meaningful charm for their bracelet, they're sure to appreciate the effort you've put into their gift.

You could even select a piece of birthstone jewellery for them or a stone in their favourite colour for a lovely, personal touch.

Your bridesmaids will carry a lot of responsibility for your big day, so show them your appreciation with a piece of stunning jewellery. Follow Jane's top five tips and you're sure to pick presents that are sure to be cherished by your bridal party.

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