All You Need To Know About Wedding Invitation Etiquette

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So you’re planning your wedding invitations. However, you have no idea about wedding invitation etiquette like what to include and if you should include it. Well, we’ve got the guide for you.

To start off with invites usually, go out 6-8 weeks before the wedding. That is, unless, you’re having a destination wedding which then they should be sent 2-3 months in advance. Ideally, your guests should already have received their save the date, so all that’s left are invitation decisions and sending them off!

Do I include the dress code?

Yes! Adding the dress code is a great idea so none of your guests shows up in casual wear to a black-tie wedding. Usually adding the dress code on the lower right corner is enough. However, if you don’t want to specify, then the style of your wedding invitation should give them a clue on what to wear. For example an elegant invite with calligraphy and metallic details would indicate a smart dress code, however, a colourful invite will not be as formal and would indicate a casual dress code. 

Who do I write as the hosts?

Compared to previous years, more and more couples now host their own weddings compared to just the parents of the bride. However, if both you and each other’s parents are paying for the big day then mention them. A sentence along the lines of “ Alongside their parents, James and Sarah invite you…” 

When do I need the RSVPs by?

One of the most important parts of the wedding invitation process is getting a response. Setting the deadline 2-3 weeks before the wedding gives you enough time to manage the seating chart and notify the caterer. If there’s no response it’s a good idea to call them and ask for the information ASAP.

I don’t want children at my wedding, should I say that on the invite?

It’s best to address each guest invited separately, such as; “Mr and Mrs Benson” or Miss Hannah Brown and James Lancaster”. That way those who receive the invite know it’s only addressed to them and no guests or children. Otherwise, include the children’s names or guest invited. If you receive the RSVP with the children’s names include then it’s best to call the family and let them know of the circumstances.

What if my reception is in a different location?

If your reception is in a different location then it’s most common to print this on a separate card. Especially if your invite is already full of different details. However, if you do have room then writing the location on a different line with the time it starts is common etiquette. 

Do I write the full address, date and time?

This depends on how formal the wedding, and in turn, the invitations are. A formal wedding invitation requires everything to be written out in full so no numeral digits. Instead, for example, 5 pm is written as five o’clock. With am or pm being optional. The full address isn’t usually required. For example, if it’s at The Lanesborough in London, then that’s all the information that’s required. If all your guests are coming from far locations then it’s worth considering to include the postcode as well. 

More Questions?

Do you have more concerns about wedding invitation etiquette? Not to worry. MJP Events are experts in wedding and events planning. If you have any further questions, please get in touch with one of our consultants by emailing .

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