How to Choose Your Bridal Bouquet

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Deciding on a bridal bouquet can be stressful, even more so if you leave it to the last minute. It’s actually an important factor to consider since it will be in most, if not all, of your wedding photos.

Flowers can be costly, especially if you don’t know where to begin. We’ve curated a list that will make sure you’re covering all bases so you’ll have something elegant and beautiful to add to your look.

Confirm everything else first

The flowers and bouquet is the last step after you’ve confirmed your wedding theme, colours, the wedding dress and your venue. There’s nothing worse than having a bridal bouquet that doesn’t match your surroundings or even the other flowers.

Wedding colours and theme

Your wedding colours will be a big deciding factor for your bouquet so everything can be harmonious. The bouquet doesn’t need to be the same and can contrast instead, however, make sure it fits in with your theme.

Your theme whether rustic or glamorous will also contribute to the style of the bouquet and what flowers are chosen.

Which flowers to choose

Choosing which flowers you want can be tricky. The easiest way is to match them with the other flowers you’ve chosen for the decor. However, corresponding or even contrasting blooms can be just as beautiful.

You can choose your flowers based on symbolism such as roses and peonies, both representing romance and happy marriage. Or if there’s a flower that you love or one that means something special then it’s an obvious choice. Although, the deciding factor can also come down to what’s in-season which can often be cheaper and more on theme with everything else. Make sure to ask your florist what’s popular in the area for your wedding’s season.

Your dress shape and style

The shape and style of your dress will be the main deciding factor in the style of bouquet you’ll have. A frilly dress with a lot of details means the flowers can’t be too overpowering and clash, whereas, if you’re a taller bride, a beautiful cascading ensemble will compliment your dress and figure really nicely.

Keep in mind the colour of your dress as well, so if you choose white flowers they can match. Take a clear photo of the dress to your florist, preferably with you wearing the gown as this will give the florist and designer a better of idea on how to style the bouquet.

Types of wedding bouquets

There are many types of wedding bouquets so it’s best to do your research and ask your florist if there’s any available to see in person. However, the two main styles are as follows:

Cascading: an arrangement of flowers that drapes down the front. They usually feature a lot more greenery to create the waterfall effect and are used as a statement piece.

Posy: this is the most popular arrangement as they’re small and round. Easy to handle during the day. They’re also easy to replicate in smaller versions for your bridesmaids.

Florist or DIY it?

The decision between a florist or do-it-yourself can often come down to cost. Walking around your local flower market and talking to the owners can help with your decision. Some flowers can be more difficult to handle than others and arranging them isn’t always as easy as it seems.

A florist can come in handy to help you achieve that perfect look you’re after and help it compliment your dress and figure. Also, if you’re booking other flowers, it’s the perfect opportunity to add in your bridal bouquet as well.

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