Corporate Summer Party Ideas

Happy employees mean a happy work life. What better way to start off the summer, than with a corporate summer event. Whether that’s grabbing a few beers and BBQ food at a garden party or creating your own cocktails on a rooftop terrace. There are many options to choose from and we’re here to help.

Garden BBQ party

The classic garden party with a BBQ– a great way to connect and enjoy the sunshine. If you don’t have a garden to spruce up then don’t worry, as there’s always a classic British beer garden that can be used for the same purpose; plus there’s plenty of seating readily available. Most importantly, make sure to have enough of your employees favourite beers and ciders, in addition to some vegetarian options for the BBQ as well.

Beach Day

Everyone loves going to the beach to relax on a hot summers day and it’s a perfect day trip for the whole office! If you don’t live near the beach, hire some coaches and make your way down to the soft beaches of Bournemouth. A super easy trip from London and you can rent a beach hut too! Make sure to pack some coolers and a picnic so you can spend the whole day there and relax.

Cocktail Party

Cocktail office parties aren’t just for the holidays and can be a fun summer event as well. Choose a trendy rooftop terrace bar to create a party memorable in the office for days to come. There’s plenty to choose from in London during the summer months. To spice things up a bit see if you can do a ‘create your own cocktail’ challenge and give a prize to the winner.

If a rooftop cocktail bar isn’t enough, why not try the world famous ball pit cocktail bar?

Themed Office Party

Mexican fiesta? 70’s Disco? Beach? Choose any theme imaginable and create a fun party everyone can join. Hire a location and use decorations to suit your theme and create a fantasy world for the night. Remember to theme the drinks and food for the night and include some party games as well. A pinata for the Mexican theme or a dance battle for the 70’s disco.

Corporate Summer Sports day

Not only is a corporate summer sports day fun and competitive but above all, it’ll double as a team building exercise. Just like back in the good old school days everyone can split into teams and compete in the classic events like; the egg and spoon race, tug of war and the relay, just to name a few. However, remember to bring water for everyone as it will get very hot. Finish off with some food from a food truck or BBQ.

If you’re planning this summers corporate office party and need some help please get in touch with one of our consultants by emailing .

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