Creative Confectionary Ideas for Your Event

We are excited to share with you these great inspirational treats which can be incorporated into your wedding day to add a little extra something to impress your friends and family!

Donut Bar

Donuts always seem to go down well with wedding guests, especially when they look like this! Donut walls were very popular last year but this idea of having a donut bar simplifies this trend and is easy to create, no matter what your creative skill set is. Make it large or make it small, these donut stands can do it all.

Macaron Tower

Why not fabulise your wedding with one of these lovely French Macaroon Towers. This elegant design is a great alternative for all the people out there that are not keen on cake (I don’t personally know any of these people but hey..). French macaroon towers also make a great addition to any sweet tables and can be custom made to fit the design of your event.

Dessert Table

These tables are a great idea for your guests to give them some extra fuel during the reception. Dessert tables can be used to create a luxe display of sweets and cakes if done well. You have the option to play around with colours, shapes and sizes. You may even decide to have the dessert table as appose to a sit down dessert option. By doing this you present more options for your guests to sink their teeth into and they can have dessert when they feel like it.

Gelatine Japanese Dessert

These Japanese gelatine babies will leave your guests intrigued and can be beautifully displayed on a dessert table or given as a dessert option at the end of a 2 course meal. Traditional Japanese confections, or wagashi, are beautiful to look at, texturally complex, and subtly flavoured. 


You can offer a huge amount of options for your guests when serving tartlets. From fresh fruits, to jams, to creams. Using tartlets to treat your guests is the perfect way to tingle those taste buds and also provide stunning and colourful designs at the same time and let be honest, most people love a bit of pastry.

Eclairs or Eclair Tower

Eclair will add more sweetness, beauty and uniqueness to your wedding celebration. A perfect choice for all types of special occasions. The eclair tower also known as the croquembouche, is a tower of vanilla pastry cream and caramel-dipped profiteroles decorated with sugared almonds. My mouth is watering just thinking about it so I can only guess that it will be a hit with your guests.

Ice Cream Station

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! When it’s time for dessert, invite guests to help themselves to a self-serve scoop station. Part of the fun of a dessert station is for your guest to be able to see it ,and interact with it. each guest get to pick the toppings of their choice which gives you the opportunity to get creative with these options. In my experience this is one station that always keeps guests coming back for seconds.

Crepe Station

This is definitely one of my favourites! A crepe station makes a fabulous addition to weddings and special occasions and the setup is relatively simple while offering a unique twist on catering. Crepes are great to serve as a late night snack as your guests are probably going to need a pick-me-up partway through your reception. Rather than having your caterer prep the crepes beforehand, create a food station where your guests can pick and choose their fillings. Keep it stocked with Nutella, cheeses, fruit, veggies, spinach and more so that your friends and relatives can create their perfect snack.

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