How Will You Handle Rain on your Wedding Day?

Have you given any thought to what will happen on your wedding day if it rains? Every wedding needs a contingency plan in case of rain. Especially if you are located in the UK!

Even if you choose to have a summer wedding, your still not guaranteed good weather as one of our July couples recently found out.

We recently had the pleasure of coordinating a beautiful wedding at Three Rivers Golf Club in Chelmsford.

The bride and groom had envision a lovely outdoor ceremony with draped arch and a wonderful semi-circle chair set up which was right next to a lovely bridge and fountain. It was set to be an absolutely stunning day, all that was needed was for the weather to play its part.

But wait a minute……we live in the UK……why on earth would we expect the weather to play par? Right…

On the day we were all set up, it was 11.50am with the bridal procession due to start in an hour. We were just about ready to start receiving guests that had already started arriving when yep you guessed it….the high heavens decided to open up!

With the ceremony due to start in an hour we had no choice but to move the whole ceremony inside but this was not an easy task considering we had less than one hour to put it into action. It was literally all hands on deck!

We successfully orchestrated the entire move and although we ended up running 10 minutes behind, we created a lovely inside ceremony for our bride and groom.


Well, guests would have been sitting in there soggy seats, possibly in the rain, or the ceremony would have ended up being extremely delayed.

Most importantly, the bride and groom would have been super stressed out about how to best handle this situation.

Having the opportunity to share this story with you, I cannot stress enough how important it is to hire a wedding coordinator for your wedding day. You wouldn’t spend thousands of pounds on elective surgery and then ask your friend to perform it would you? Well a wedding is no different.

Don’t end up being regretful about why you were unable to achieved the wedding day of your dreams. Some things are just worth the investment!

MJP Events are experienced wedding planners who would love nothing more but to make sure you have the wedding day you deserve, the one you’ve always dreamt about.

Get in touch for more information about how we can help you to achieve a smoothly run and stress free wedding day!

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