The Pros & Cons of Having Children At Your Wedding

Should you have children at your wedding?

The Pro’s and Con’s having children at your wedding

A common question that a bride and groom will face when planning a wedding is whether or not to invite children to their wedding, especially if being challenged with a tight budget. There are a lot of people that believe that children are the life and soul of the party and could never envision having a wedding which excludes them but in this day and age, weddings without children are becoming more and more popular. We have tried to devise some of the pro’s and con’s for you to consider when breaking down that all important guest list.

The Pro’s

It can save you money

As caterers will usually charge on a per head basis inviting kids can easily rack up the cost, especially when you have a few friend with more than a couple of kids. When you have to ask yourself if you should invite your mate Julie, her partner and their 5 children because of the cost constraints, surely its more sensible and less awkward to just cross the kids of the list and invite your adult friends. Harsh I know but also true.

Not having kids at your wedding could make for a more relaxed atmosphere

With the little angels running around it may be pretty difficult for parents to relax and fully enjoy the day. Not having kids at your wedding may give parents the rare opportunity to relax and let their hair down for the day without being kept on their toes.

The Con’s

Some of your guests may feel offended

Although its very rarely going to be personal decision not to have kids at your wedding, you may find that a few of your guest may take your decision personally. Try to let your guest that do have children know your reasons for making this decision meanwhile trying to sell the fact that they’ll have 24 hours of freedom from parenthood!

Some guests may struggle to get a babysitter

Arranging a baby sitter can prove to be quite difficult for some people, especially because of the length of time a sitter will be required for. Some people are lucky enough to have a support network but for those who don’t, finding a babysitter can be extremely expensive if at all possible. Are you prepared for some of your nearest and dearest family and friend to miss your day? This definitely something that needs to be considered when creating your guest list.

Guest may have to leave early

Let’s face it, although kids are full of life and excitement, there will be a point in the evening when the sugar rush wears off and they come crashing down……other known as bed time. Parents may feel obliged to get kids home at a decent hour and so will leave earlier than they would leave if they do not have their little bundles of joy, leaving a somewhat empty reception. Whatever you decide, makes sure it’s the right decision for you because at the end of the day the people who love and support you will understand a stick by your decisions.

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